I Cultivate A White Rose
Gurminder Sandhu's Analysis

I think that this poem is telling us to treat others how you want to be treated and I am saying this because he gives us many examples such as him growing a white rose for a friend who's always been there for him. And he also grows a white rose for the enemy that would like to tear his heart out. That is why I think he is telling us to treat others how you want to be treated.

If You've Seen A Mount Of Sea Foam
Ashley Martinez's Analysis

I think this poem expresses how Jose Marti and many other people suffered through the government that was like during the Revolution in the 1800’s. In the poem when he said “My verse is like a dagger, at whose hilt a flower grows.” Jose Marti is expressing how tuff it was to stand up to Spain who controlled the Cuban nation.  Also when it says “My verse is like a deer wounded seeking forest cover unseen” I think he’s referring to him being the deer. He’s wounded and tired of how the government in Cuba is. And all he want s, is to have it be peaceful. “And to the brave it will appeal” I think he’s referring to himself and everyone else saying that they’re trying to be brave fighting for what they believe in.

I'll Never Forget, I Vow
Christine Nguyen's Analysis

I think that this poem is somehow connected him and his past is that he was basically sent away when he was 16, so i think he's talking about the memories and the times he spent with loved ones and how he would never forget them. Also it might be because he moved around a lot, so he didn't get to spend as much time as he'd like with his friends and family. Resulting to him never letting go to the memories they shared.

I Dream Awake
Meghana Narra's Analysis

This poem has to do with him because he always lived away from his family. So he might be missing his kids. So in his dreams he is thinking of his kids. Maybe that’s the reason he moved back to his family after a while. His family might have been a huge influence on his poems.